We hope you will have as much fun as these students:

All Riders Up is always happy to accept new students of all ages from 4 to 74.  If you are an individual with special needs and would like to join us in taking advantage of what riding can offer you and having lots of fun, download the "New Riders Packet", fill out the forms, and email us about when you would like to take a tour of the facility.

Siblings of the special needs student are also invited to participate at ARU, because they, too, have special needs in

helping to maintain family unity.  They are asked for extreme understanding when their sibling is given special

attention.  The more activities that they can share helps to preserve the integrity of the family.  Having fun together, doing something that their able bodied friends haven't learned, makes their family "special" in a uniquely empowering way. 

Our small size and peaceful, no pressure atmosphere allows the student to enjoy the company of a horse or pony in an environment of total acceptance and safety.  This magical relationship produces a physical and emotional calm that can relieve many of the effects of a disability.