ARU is partnering with Path Intl  and the Veterans Administration to provide equine assisted activities to veterans who have served since 9/11 and who sustained a service connected injury or illness in mind or body. 

Veterans who have mobility issues, have experienced amputations or traumatic brain injury, will benefit from our hydraulic lift to safely

mount and dismount the horse.  Since riding simulates the three dimensional act of walking, these Wounded Warrior Alumni will see improvement in balance, coordination and core muscle strength.

Those veterans with post traumatic stress disorder will find our quiet, supportive and safe atmosphere conducive to enhancing self esteem and self confidence.   The natural environment and helpful staff at the center contribute to the development of improved coping skills, social interaction and independence.  The nonverbal communication from the horse encourages patience and provides the opportunity to experience success.

At the same time, All Riders Up believes it is of the utmost importance to carry our message to veterans who served prior to 9/11.  Older veterans are just as deserving of exercise and recreation, but are frequently reluctant to seek out available resources.  They believe they are too old to ride a horse, but they can gain all the same benefits of equine assisted activities as a younger veteran.   ARU, therefore, will be approaching local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts as well as the Delaware County Department of Veterans Affairs to encourage participation by their members.